09 May 2010


I've been slowly adding links the right of galleries, blogs, and pages I frequent.  It's not organized yet, and certainly not comprehensive.  When the list gets a bit longer, I'll organize it into categories and keep the more relevant pages -- those pertaining to the alternative spaces places venues artists I might reference -- separate.

Anything you'd like to see added?

07 May 2010

Public Art Attempts

So I am trying to activate a public art dialogue between me (artist) and the public (non artist) while investigating the idea of authorship in relation to a given piece of work. My first attempt occurred in Downtown Chicago and was thwarted by the apathetic flanuers that are Chicagoans and tourists. It failed. My second and latest attempt was an even larger failure due to the authority known only as CTA. I was forced out of my chosen spot on the 18th pink ling stop. I am wondering if a rouge approach is the best approach. I have decided to go directly to the source and attempt once more at a gallery opening/ party taking place at my house. Come out to 2153 West 18th Street and aid in the cause!!!

02 May 2010


I plan to investigate the alternative gallery spaces of Chicago's contemporary art world. This may take awhile, so you get to follow along, contribute, or criticize.

A phrase I have heard quite a few times, especially recently, states "Chicago comes in third in a race with only two places."  It's a little disheartening, but, while New York and Los Angeles try to run the contemporary art scene in the States, Chicago fills in the gaps and makes alternative venues to compensate.  I am particularly interested in these spaces, over the commercial and traditional gallery spaces, where they are, who runs them, how they came about, and what their role is in the bigger art scene.

Some examples of these alternative art scenes to be explored in Chicago include one-night-only gallery shows, temporary or moving spaces, temporary or unmarketable works and the venues that show them, and “outside of the box” art happenings.   More specific examples I would like to investigate may include:
  • Sound/noise spaces, Enemy Gallery
  • Installation-only spaces, such as Medicine Cabinet and Second Bedroom
  • City-wide happenings: the pillow fight day, zombie march, and the naked bike ride
  • Online resources, Art Talk Chicago's Gallery Snack Report
  • Pilsen Drawing Nights, underground events not found on Google
  • Post Pilsen, Swimming Pool Project Space, Black Market, Slow (Paul Hopkin), Temporary Services
  • Three Wall Publications & Green Lantern Press: Artist Run Chicago (check Flaxman and Flash) Phonebook, Organizing Arts
    The format of this project will be this blog, and eventually a blog-centered website. At it's most basic state, the website will contain a directory of web links to information on the topics, spaces, and artists investigated, and the blog will focus on news, interviews, and conversations with influential artists, curators, et cetera.

    I not only welcome, but will soon be searching out your input. If you would like to contribute, please contact me at altartchicago@gmail.com